Autumn Events

Join us for our upcoming events.  Workshops and special events are priced separately from our regular classes.

Northern Life Yoga Balcony Boutique

Shop and save in our Balcony Boutique!  Quality brand name active wear at reasonable prices.  Our seasonal balcony boutique features a selection of tanks tops, t-shirts, long sleeve layers, UPF (ultra-protective factor 50+) tops, wraps, and stylish sweatshirts. We also have a healthy supply of Jade Yoga mats and accessories. Make your holiday wish list with our boutique wish list cards!

Gratitude Practice with Lola on Thanksgiving at 9:30AM

Celebrate Thanksgiving with an upbeat start to the holiday. Lola Kennedy for a light-hearted practice that is deeply grounded in gratitude. This slow flow style class is appropriate for all levels.

Thursday, November 22 at 9:30AM
$15 drop in OR $10 drop-in with a small bag of non-perishable foods for the First Presbyterian Church soup kitchen. Class cards and memberships welcome.

Yoga and Barre

This fabulous & fun class combines yoga with lots of fitness through specific barre moves. Join guest instructor, Melanie Case, and yoga instructor, Lola Kennedy, for the ultimate fun workout! 

Barre is essentially a blend of ballet-inspired exercises, pilates, and yoga. It is an incredibly effective method of strengthening and toning your muscles without adding bulk, and it offers quick results! Each muscle group is strengthened using small, focused, body-weight exercises with attention to proper posture and body alignment then those same muscles stretched and released to leave your body feeling long, lean, and amazing!

Benefits of Barre:
* It’s fun…especially with friends!
* Low impact
* Helps you relax and tone simultaneously…yes, it’s possible!
* Strengthening
* Improves posture
* Works every muscle group head to toe!

The movements of belly dance will sculpt and firm your body, while increasing stamina and grace. You’ll be guided to shimmy and shake while allowing the music to mesmerize you.

Saturday, December 1, 9:00-10:15AM (in place of Yoga Flow)

$15 drop-in; NLY memberships and class cards honored

Belly Dance and Barre

This fabulous & fun workshop combines two styles of dance while incorporating lots of fitness! Join guest instructor, Melanie Case, and belly dance guru, Lola Kennedy for the ultimate fun workout! 

Sunday, December 2 - 3:15-4:30PM

$15 drop-in; NLY memberships and class cards honored

Fascia Blasting is back!

Join guest instructor, Melanie Case, and Reiki Master, Lola Kennedy for a unique one-on-one healing experience: Fascia Blasting & Reiki. These 40 minute appointments will include partial fascia blasting with Melanie and a Reiki session with Lola to offer additional healing energy. Limited appointments available.

40 minutes for $59

Saturday, December 1 - appointments available,12:00-4:00PM

Sunday, December 2 - appointments available, 10AM-2PM

Reserve your appointment with Lola, 906-440-3909,

When we experience injury or trauma, the fascia contracts and and distorts in the area to offer support, but these adhesions are also responsible for tightness and restriction. Not only can this be painful, but it can also cause cellulite. The fascia adheres to the skin, pulls it down, and in turn, the fat is pushed up through the fascia, creating the 'mountains and valleys' we know as cellulite. 

The Fascia Blaster tool helps to break up distorted areas on the body, effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite, and returning the tissue to its original, healthy state. Because fascia is everywhere, the tool can be used on every area of the body. Many users tend to target the thighs, stomach, and arms. Melanie will begin with bare skin, apply a layer of body oil, pin an area of fat between the snowflake-esque attachments, and rub vigorously for 1 to 5 minutes. You may experience slight bruising at first as you're breaking up capillaries in addition to fat cells, but this is a sign of healing, and eventually lessens. 

* Reduce cellulite
* Lessen pain
* Improve flexibility
* Promote circulation
* Increase joint function
* Enhance physical performance and nerve activity

When fascia blasting is not for you:
*If you have any skin or health conditions that might be aggravated from its use (Melanie will only target areas that you wish to target)

Ashley Black, creator of the Fascia Blaster, says: 
"Many users have reported feeling the results right away—they almost instantly have less pain, more energy, and improved range of motion—but for aesthetics, many users also notice immediate results."

Northern Life Yoga is pleased to partner with Be The Love Yoga School (Yoga Roots, Petoskey, Michigan) to offer a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. To learn more about the next dates this program will be offered in Sault Ste. Marie or Petoskey, kindly contact Tiffany Lenau.