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Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.  
The better your practice, the brighter your flame.
—  BKS Iyengar 

Class Rates & Memberships

MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS - click to enroll!

Memberships include all yoga, belly dance and pilates classes.

  • Unlimited classes with auto-pay: $108/month auto-pay (start/pause anytime)

  • Flexible membership: $52/month for any 4 classes per month and $10 discounted drop-in for additional classes

  • Membership benefits: discounted rate for workshops and special events; exclusive retail discounts in our seasonal Balcony Boutique.

  • Membership policy: you can pause your membership once a year for a period of 1 month or longer. Please notify us in person, in writing or by phone if you wish to pause your membership (this option is ideal for seasonal residents).

Since the benefits of yoga are more apparent when consistently practiced, our classes are discounted by how often you choose to practice. 

Note:  Northern Life Yoga class cards are valid for all yoga, fitness and belly dance classes.  The more you practice, the more cost effective your options will be!  Workshops and special events are priced separately.  

  • Drop in rate for yoga and pilates classes: $15

  • Community Rate (Chair Yoga & student rate): $10 drop-in

  • 10 class card: $140 (valid for 3 months)

ATTENDANCE NOTES & Rollover policy  

  • Our class card expiration dates are firm. However, unused classes can be rolled over with a new class card purchase. For example, if you have 2 classes remaining on a 10 class card, you can purchase another 10 class card, and you would have 12 classes to use within 3 months.

  • The instructors of Northern Life Yoga are committed to offering yoga classes year round. We value the presence of our yoga community, so please support our classes with regular attendance as we cannot afford to maintain our beautiful space as a seasonal business.

  • To provide flexibility in your yoga practice, all of our classes are designed to so you can drop-in as your schedule allows...but we hope to see your beautiful presence on the mat often so that you can experience the true benefits of a consistent practice.

  • No advance sign-up is necessary for classes and mats are available to borrow.

  • Beginners are always welcome in level 1 classes - just come as you are!

Birthday treat

Once you have practiced with us six months or longer, you will receive one complimentary class during the week of your birthday, plus complimentary classes for two friends who are new to Northern Life Yoga!  Please sure we have your birthday entered in your Mind Body profile so you will receive this offer prior to your birthday each year. Valid for regular classes only - workshops not included.

CancelLation Policy

We try our best to hold classes on a regular schedule year round. However, when inclement weather would endanger our instructors or students to travel to the studio, we may cancel class on rare occasions. In the event of canceled classes, it is noted on our Mind Body schedule and on Facebook. If your mobile number on your Mind Body account, we also notify regular students of specific classes via text message.

Customized Personal Instruction Rates

  • 75 minute in-studio,1-20 participants: $75 + $5 each additional participant

  • 75 minute off-site, 1-10 participants: $90 + $5 each additional participant

  • 90 minute in-studio, 1-20 participants: $90 + $5 each additional participant

  • 90 minute off-site, 1-10 participants: $100 + $5 each additional participant

All sessions in-studio and off-site include the use of all yoga props:  mats, blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows.