Founder, Allie Brawley, RYT 500


“Why don’t you try a yoga class to relax?” was a suggestion from my mother in 1999 when I was caught up living in a fast-paced New York City lifestyle. Looking back now, I can’t imagine who or where I would be without the practice of yoga. Despite numerous transitions – relationships, job losses, changing careers, moving to new cities, and healing from life’s bumps and bruises – my yoga practice has remained constant through the years and across many miles. What started as a practice to complement my fitness routine evolved into a journey that taught me to embrace opportunity rather than fear uncertainty in every transition…and most importantly, yoga allowed me to find peace amidst the chaos of life.

From the weekly class I started at my gym when living in Manhattan, my yoga journey progressed into a significant part of my lifestyle while living in Boston and later, San Francisco. From coastal urban apartments to Midwestern lake shores, I have happily shared my passion for yoga in both organized classes and impromptu yoga sessions. Recognizing an opportunity to develop community yoga classes in Northern Michigan, I returned to my hometown to live closer to my family and offer yoga to the community where I was fortunate to grow up.  Northern Life Yoga launched in 2010, and Northern Life Studio for Healing Arts opened in 2011...and I am happy to report that my Mom is a dedicated practitioner and business advisor.

I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training through Yoga Tree San Francisco, a 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training program (with my Mom!) with Bernie Clark at Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver, British Columbia, and my 300 hour teacher training with Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. My teaching style incorporates elements of my personal journey with formal trainings and workshops, plus a variety of yoga styles I have been fortunate to experience in nearly 20 years of practice.

Always looking on the bright side, my classes are infused with a sense of gratitude, optimism and enduring strength as I strive to help students develop a strong body, peaceful mind, and healthy spirit. Whether you relax in candlelight yoga, or energize in a vinyasa flow, my goal for any yoga experience is to allow you to leave refreshed, resilient and empowered by your own amazing mind-body connection.

You are stronger than you even know…come to the mat and experience your own amazing potential - the strength, purpose and peace that comes from within!

—Allie Brawley