Yoga Etiquette

Meditation trio.JPG


  • Read class descriptions carefully and take classes suitable for your level. Level 1 classes are appropriate for beginners. Level 1-2 classes are designed for intermediates require some yoga experience, but provide modifications for beginners. If you're brand new to yoga, it is best to start in a Level 1 class.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before class to set up your mat and get the appropriate props. Please avoid being late since it is disruptive to the instructor and other students. If you arrive late, please wait in the lobby until after meditation is complete. The instructor will gladly find a place for you.

  • Remove your shoes before entering the studio. You are welcome to bring personal belongings in with you.

  • Allow yourself to fully disconnect and dedicate the time to your practice – please turn your cell phone or pager off before class.

  • For your own comfort, avoid eating heavy meals 2 hours prior to class (particularly yoga flow classes). Also, you will find your mat less slippery if you do not use lotion or moisturizer before class.

  • Yoga is community – we welcome friendly socialization before class. However, be mindful that some students need quiet time before class to transition from their day into their practice.

  • Refrain from talking once class begins as it is disruptive to the practice for you and others around you. Of course, smiles and laughter are always welcome!

  • Always make sure to listen to your body and rest when you need it. Remember, all instruction is a suggestion – take the guidance and adjust for your body; nothing is mandatory. Rest is always an option.

  • If you need to leave class early, please inform your instructor in advance and leave before final relaxation, so it is less disruptive to other students. Remember that meditation and relaxation are two crucial elements of your yoga practice, so try to make time to incorporate them into your schedule when possible.