Customized Personal Instruction

Customized personal instruction offers a chance to deepen your practice, gain confidence, and receive guidance to develop a practice tailored to your needs.  Working one-on-one, personal instruction allows for a more customized approach to your practice to address your goals.  Working as a couple or small group, personal instruction provides a unique way to connect and enjoy time together while enjoying the benefits of yoga.  Begin a new practice, deepen your current practice or spend some time working with an injury or special condition.  With customized personal instruction, you can experience the benefits of yoga in a safe, guided way.

  • Athletes

Yoga is highly beneficial for all athletes to enhance strength, flexibility, range of motion, and mental focus.  The incredible stretches and deep breathing increases blood flow to muscles and ligaments to help reduce the chance of injury.  

To help athletes reach their fullest potential, Allie works with various sports team in specialized athletic strength training and balance sessions. These customized sessions include breathing and meditation techniques with motivational quotes geared towards athletes.  The combination of stretching, breathing and relaxation helps athletes enhance mental focus to achieve their goals in sports and school. 

  • Youth:  from pre-crawlers and toddler yoga to tweens and teens

As a new mom, Allie Brawley has introduced new lively classes involving her daughter, from pre-crawlers to toddler yoga and beyond!  Allie enjoys planting the seeds of yoga to expose children to the practice at an early age so that it has the potential to develop into a healthy lifelong practice.  

Yoga helps children and teens develop body awareness, concentration, and positive self-esteem while fostering coordination and cooperation in a non-competitive activity.  Allie works with students of all ages at summer camps and through special classes at Northern Life Studio.  

  • Couples and small groups

Want help overcoming back pain, tight hips or just need to enhance core strength and balance?  Learn keys ways to develop a home practice with a personal session customized with poses that focus specifically on your needs.  

  • Corporate

Office yoga enables you to experience the benefits of yoga without changing clothes, getting on a mat or leaving your desk.  Learn how to bring balance to your workday with simple 5-30 minute mini yoga practices guaranteed to enhance workplace wellness.  

Looking for new ideas for your workplace wellness program?  We offer 20 class cards to businesses that can be shared among an unlimited number of users (cost $250, valid 6 months).

  • Large Groups

Up to 50 people can be accommodated at Northern Life Studio, or we can bring mats and props to your space for a customized practice based on the needs of your group.

  • Special Events

Celebrate a special milestone with yoga - birthdays, bridal showers, Girls Night Out, general health and wellness…endless occasions to celebrate on the mat! Let us customize a class for your event with a special theme and practice to suit your group for a truly memorable milestone.



  • 75 minute in-studio,1-20 participants: $75 + $5 each additional participant
  • 75 minute off-site, 1-10 participants:  $90 + $5 each additional participant
  • 90 minute in-studio, 1-20 participants:  $90 + $5 each additional participant
  • 90 minute off-site, 1-10 participants:  $100 + $5 each additional participant

All sessions in-studio and off-site include the use of all yoga props:  mats, blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows.